Hayda Opening #ThisIsHayda

When the city's latest Lebanese eatery was about to set sale on the Sunset Boat, we made sure Hayda was making waves way before its grand opening with their signature beautifully engraved chairs that were popping up on the Instagram feeds of all Cairo's movers and shakers. And when we say chairs, we're talking the real deal as waves of phone calls came in of people asking where they could too buy the chair (we kid you not)!

Fabulous fashion goddess @hadiaghaleb

After being the name on everyone;s lips, the Nile-side sport finally flung open their doors with an opening that saw all of the city's glitterati descend upon the new restaurant for a night filled with drinks, music, mingling and delicious Lebanese munchies! From the foodies to the fashion flock, anyone who's anyone was in attendance, mingling their way through the evening and enjoying an endless array of delicious eats. 

Master of photography @a_zaatar couldn't help but take a cheeky picture of his chair.