Before coming on board with MO4, Quiksilver had never given the green light to agencies to create local content for their brand thinking that it would never be up to the standard of international content provided.

Our challenge was to take a brand so synonymous with surfing and create local content that made sense in a country without a surfing culture. Adapting the global creative platform #RidetheWave, we introduced #RideTheWind - an ode to the growing community of kite surfers across Egypt. 

To launch the brand on social media, in Summer 2015 MO4 invited five of the country's coolest kite surfers including actress superstar Amina Khalil to Ras Sudr for a weekend of fun-in-the-sun kitesurfing. 

The whole time they were decked out in Quiksilver gear and our in-house photographers and videographers were on hand to capture all the special moments that made up the launch content. The branding was subtle throughout and the content engaged perfectly with the brands' beach bum target audience.

The video that resulted went viral and Quiksilver ended up using it globally.