Desert Dreaming with Lazib Inn

07/06/2016 03:16
Last October, tucked away on a hill in Fayoum (in Egypt's Western Desert), a passion project ten years in the making officially opened its carefully curated doors. The uber-exclusive eight-suite desert lodge was imagined up by Olivier Masson, Regional Vice President Four Seasons and his fabulous wife Nanette. Weeks before the launch, our CairoScene team cottoned onto the news, and ensured we were the first to cover the story, heading to the resort for an exclusive review. The article immediately went viral, and the stunning visuals posted on the CairoScene instagram drove over 2500 followers (virtually overnight) to the Lazib Inn instagram account. 
So this month we were thrilled to finally get our hands on the property for full creative and PR!
The challenge of course was that the client insisted we launch during Ramadan! Not to be deterred we organized for a select group of media personalities to take over the resort for iftar, sohour under the desert stars and an unforgettable overnight stay. 
Cairo's media mavens gather at Lazib Inn.
Meanwhile we set about creating the content we knew would have fans flocking to their feed. Sure enough within 48 hours of us taking over their instagram, the account had grown by over 2000 followers (again)! And this is just the beginning... 
You can check out CairoScene's review here